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Our Story

We are a small team of parents, who have all experienced the bittersweet pain of waking up at 3am in the morning, rushing to the kitchen half asleep to prepare formula, waiting for the boiled water to cool while tending to our crying babies. It made us wonder what we could do to make a difference and that’s how our journey started.

Up to this day, our signature formula kettles have been loved by tens of thousands of families. There’s nothing more rewarding than discovering we’ve made a huge difference to our customers’ parenting journey. Ever since that, this has kept us going forward on the route to create more and more solution-oriented products to serve parents and babies.

Our principles

Genuinely useful – Throughout the process of each new product development, we continuously assess if the product fits our two fundamental criteria - “Does this product solve a problem? How will it benefit our customers?”

Safety and quality –We only provide products we’d want for ourselves and our own children, which drives us to have high standards for material selection and quality control. All our products are made with BPA free, food grade material for those in direct contact with water or food, and they are tested to comply with EU standards or higher qualifications. All our textile products are tested and contain no harmful chemicals, they are either OEKO-TEX certified, GOTs organic certified, or both.

Aesthetics vs Usability – Function and style can coexist, we take vision satisfaction factors into account for each new product development.

Listening – We cherish our customers’ opinions. We always listen to our customers and strive to improve ourselves, as parents and babies’ needs has been our prime focus. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to Contact Us, and we thank you in advance for your precious feedback.

Caring culture – We value the power of caring, not only with our customers, we care for our suppliers, for each other, and all the people we work with along the journey. Furthermore, to do our part for mother nature, we recently initiated our Turning Green project.

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