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 Formula preparation guidelines vary from country to country and parents must decide for themselves the guidance that they wish to follow.

In UK, NHS guidelines are to add powder to water that is above 70°C. A lot of countries simply ask parents to add water to previously boiled or otherwise sterile water, eg. one of the best selling American formula brand Similac recommends using boiled water that is cooled all the way to room temperature. World Health Organisation (WHO) states that using sterilised water that is less than 70°C is safe if consumed immediately.

Here are some feedback from other users you may find useful: Some leave the water at 40°C and mix straight into their formula, baby will consume immediately and dispose any leftovers; One mother has mentioned she keeps the water at 70°C (you can do this by pressing the WHO button then 100°C/set temp) and also a cooled sterile water in a separate container then mixes accordingly; Another parent who kindly left us a review stated just simply run under the tap to cool after mixing with 70°C water.

With our kettle its totally flexible on how you would like to prepare your baby's formula.



The Kettle boils at an average of 850W, once in keep warm mode, the average Watts to maintain the water warm is less then 40W. The average running cost for 37°C - 56°C is 10p/ 24 hours; 56°C-70°C is 20p/ 24 hours.

*Figures corrected as of 2nd January 2020 with electricity price at 14p/kwh;  The ambient room temperature was 22°C during test.



The kettle is designed to keep temperatures of 37°C - 70°C for 24 hours and 71 °C - 90 °C for up to 3 hours, we have done this with the safety of our customers in mind.



As long as the water is kept within the water container (Kettle) and not mixed with baby formula (so no bacteria can form) it would stay sterile for 24 hours in room temperature. If you maintain it at a higher heat it may be longer. Although the water of our kettles can be kept at a higher heat than room temperature, at UneeQbaby we recommend after 24 hours it is best practice to change the water.



E1 error occurs when there is an obstruction preventing the kettle base and water container from connecting. Please disconnect the power socket from the wall and check in both compartments for foreign objects. Contact us if you need any assistance. 



Regular descaling prolongs the life of the kettle and limits the risks of premature breakdown. In addition a build-up of limescale may affect the accuracy of the built in thermostat. 

If you are using the kettle regularly, we recommend descaling the kettle every month. It is normal if calcium deposits appear on the bottom of the kettle surface due to the water quality.

Do not use corrosive detergent, chemical abrasive cleaner or hard wire mesh. Wipe or soak using scale commercial descaler. If this is not available:

  1. Soak the water kettle with 100ml of white vinegar for 20 minutes (may need longer if the limescale is sell visible).
  2. Add 300ml of water and begin boiling.
  3. Leave this to cool and remove the lid.
  4. Empty the solution from the kettle, rinse inside of the water kettle thoroughly.
  5. Fill the kettle with water, bring to boil and drain out the water when it is cool.
  6. Repeat if necessary.


Yes, it comes with 2 years warranty.

The warranty will cover:

The replacement parts and repair labour costs to correct defects in materials or workmanship. Service must be provided by an authorised ÜneeQbaby Service Centre.

The warranty will not cover:

  • Replacement for accidental damage to the glass of the water jug
  • Repairs when the kettle is used for operations other than normal household beverage or food preparation
  • Damage resulting from accident, alterations, misuse, abuse or installation/operation not in accordance with local electrical codes.


We sell brand new replacement kettle jug on our website; and refurbished kettle jug which has been used for exhibition and demonstration on our Ebay store.


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