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Turning Green


Our storage was once fully occupied with used baby gadgets that were only used for a couple of months and never touched again for years. This inspired us to create something could still be used after its primary function expired. We were delighted to hear from our customers that they would still regularly use the formula kettle even after their child has outgrown formula feeding, some used it for their children's porridge, daily beverages and some passed on the gifts to the grandparents for tea time. Since then, multi-function became an important part to us when comes to develop new products.

Second hand

Since selling or buying second hand items is one of the easiest way we can contribute to reducing waste and harming environment. We also sale refurbished products that we have previously used at exhibitions on our Ebay Store. We encourage our customers to sell or buy second hand and would also love to see our products get passed on to a younger sibling or cousin, as we try our best to make our products multi-functional and durable, so it can serve you and your family longer.

Be cautious when purchasing from unauthorised retail locations or through individuals in person or on sites such as eBay, or other online auction or trade boards. If you choose to purchase from non-authorised retailers, you are purchasing at your own risk.

Biodegradable Packaging

As well as the materials of our product, we are rethinking the way we pack our product. We have partnered up with our suppliers and slowly started to replace the traditional anti-shock system and poly bags with biodegradable materials.

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